R.P.M. Driving School has a unique, professional and successful way of teaching. We follow an efficient and easy to understand lesson structure to teach safe driving.

We teach over 40 essential driving skills to keep students confident on the road and pass their driving test smoothly. We implement single lesson plans or focus on specific areas until the skill is learnt.

To ensure every student becomes a safe driver, R.P.M. instructors teach about:

  • Vehicle control (including driving posture, smooth steering, accelerating, using the clutch and brake, and gear changing, hazard perception and crash avoidance)
  • Hazard perception and crash avoidance
  • Proper driving distance between vehicles
  • Speed management
  • Merging, lane changing and dealing with blind spots
  • Scanning the road ahead, and using mirrors
  • Correct road positioning
  • Correct use of intersections roundabouts, traffic lights, and stop and give way signs
  • School zones and pedestrian crossings
  • Reading traffic
  • Freeway, city, highway and open road driving
  • Night driving
  • Simple reversing
  • Point turns and U-turns
  • Reverse and parallel parking
  • Safe driving habits, awareness
  • How to be prepared for the unexpected
  • Pre-test evaluation
  • Driver courtesy – how to be courteous to others when sharing the road

Our driving lessons are structured and focused on 3 key components:

Lesson plan: We plan our driving lessons to meet individual skills and needs. This helps us identify the skill that should be achieved in each lesson.

Suitable locations: We provide learning environments suitable to the topics being taught, so you progress with confidence.

Lesson topics: We cover a range of road skills including vehicle control, road rules and low risk driving techniques. We encourage our student to ask questions to help us teach them as effectively as possible.

Be a safer driver and pass the driving test with confidence! Book your driving lessons online today.