We provide structured lessons to beginners who want to learn the basics and experienced drivers who want to refresh their driving skills.

Road and safety awareness

We make driving lessons safe and convenient by giving our students easy to understand instructions. Our goal is to build up their driving skills to be confident in dealing with any driving situation.

We teach accredited driving techniques to get help our students pass the driving test with confidence.

Our learner driving lessons offer the following:
  • Saturday and after hours driving lessons
  • School and work pickup/drop off
  • Manual or automatic vehicle training
Our driving lessons include:
  • Structured and easy to understand driving lessons
  • Pre-test evaluation
  • Hazard/perception safety awareness
  • Road and safety awareness

Refresher Driving Lessons

It is important for parents and instructors to refresh their skills before supervising anyone behind the wheel. We continually update our own driving skills so we can teach our students more effectively.

A driving refresher course further develops driving skills including safe driving behaviours and habits. Re-learning safe driving techniques lessens the risk to yourself, your passengers and other drivers.

R.P.M.’s refresher driving lessons cover various driving situations. Our lessons are designed to help drivers:
  • Improve driving skills or learn new driving techniques
  • Overcome fears such as motorway driving, night driving, and driving in poor weather conditions.
  • Increase confidence on the road
  • Be an effective driving support or supervisor for learner drivers (e.g. children, relatives, friends and etc).
  • Pass your driving test with confidence! Book your driving lessons with R.P.M. Driving School today.

Areas We Teach

We offer driving lessons throughout the Hawkesbury, Penrith and Blacktown areas, including Mt Druitt and St Marys.