Are you a responsible driver?

In 2015, the NSW Centre for Road Safety reported:

‘Seventeen per cent of all drivers and motorcycle riders involved in fatal crashes were young persons aged 17 to 25 years, but this age group accounted for only 14 per cent of licence holders.’

These statistics can be reduced by training more responsible drivers, regardless of age. Through proper driver education and guidance, NSW will keep more lives and have safer roads.

R.P.M. Driving School is your partner in becoming a responsible driver for life

Beginners who want to learn the basics receive structured lessons whilst experienced drivers who want to refresh their driving skills are reoriented on best practices.

Benefits of a driver education from R.P.M. Driving School

Students take lessons conveniently and safely by being given simple instructions. We aim to develop confidence in our students so that they may handle any driving situation with ease. We teach accredited driving techniques for our students to have more chances of passing the driving test.

We offer the most up to date driving techniques at the most convenient ways students can think of. Because of that, Saturday and after hours driving lessons are made possible, school and work pickup and drop off are given options and students can choose either manual or automatic vehicle training. Our structured and easy to understand driving lessons include pre-test evaluation, hazard and perception safety awareness.

Why refresher driving lessons matter

Driving is that one skill that once it is learnt, it will be beneficial for the rest of one’s life. But as time passes by, roads and rules undergo changes. A little reorientation helps so that an experienced driver can cope with new best practices.

Those who will supervise anyone behind the wheel also need to be watched over first. Our driving instructors continually update their very own driving skills so that they can guarantee that the practices they teach students are in line with the latest policies.

A driving refresher course further develops driving skills including safe driving behaviours and habits. Re-learning safe driving techniques lessens the risk to yourself, your passengers and other drivers.

We will do all that we can for our students to improve or learn new driving skills, overcome fears such as motorway driving, night driving, and driving in poor weather conditions, increase confidence on the road, be an effective driving support or supervisor for learner drivers.

Prices for driving lessons in the Penrith region

We offer competitive prices for students learning to drive in Penrith and surrounding suburbs.

1 hour lesson$72.00
5x lessons $71 per hour$355.00
10x lessons $70 per hour$700.00
1 hour lesson$74.00
5x lessons $73 per hour$365.00
10x lessons $72 per hour$720.00

Driving lessons for Penrith suburbs

We provide driving lessons throughout the Penrith region including:

  • Emu Plains
  • Glenmore Park
  • Kingswood
  • Penrith
  • St Clair
  • St Marys

Book a driving lesson in Penrith

To book a driving lesson in Penrith or a nearby suburb, call the friendly team at R.P.M. Driving School on 0412 521 317.